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Welcome to  S E I J  A K U. Your wellness home design inspiration right here in the heart of Cote D'Azur. Join me on the journey in designing a home for the senses. Our philosophy is to create a space that heals you from within, whether the core value is bringing nature from the outside in using biophilic design principles, decorating a cruelty-free home for the vegan lifestyle or put together a home sanctuary for your daily rituals.


wellness home


We love to get to know our clients!

In the early stages  of the project we take a deep look into understanding your lifestyle, wellness goals and health priorities.


F u l l  D e s i g n  S e r v i c e:  we undertake the whole project from concept  

through to completion which includes 2D and 3D, bespoke furniture and lighting packages, FF&E sourcing, liaising with builders and other parties, also project managing throughout the process.

   B e s p o k e  W e l l n e s s  K i t c h e n  D e s i g n:  the kitchen truly is the heart of the home! This service is for those who want to create not only ergonomically designed space but also a kitchen that reflects your inner needs, one that would encourage a healthier relation with food and way of cooking. This is the kitchen design for the future. Perhaps you thought of growing micro-greens, start a wormery or need advice on food waste management solutions, we can help! 


     For those who have already chosen their cabinet provider but would like to  get  a   S e c o n d  O p i n i o n  with a wellness perspective, reach out! We review chosen designs and work together to adjust even smallest details so your new kitchen  connects with you and nourishes from within.

W e l l n e s s  H o m e  C o n s u l t a t i o n:  everyone deserves to live in a home that allows you to thrive! Perhaps you are not quite ready to renovate your entire home just yet, but would like to consult on ways to rejuvenate your space? Following a home visit we identify the key areas in need of transformation and we draw a remodel proposal for the senses that allows you to imagine what your wellness home could look like. This could mean sourcing a rug to feel the texture under your feet, smelling a scent of essential oil in the hallway that triggers a memory, or having extra lighting installed to create an ambience that invites relaxation and tranquility.



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